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Gauge Alerts has a short process for finding and adding gauges to monitor via text message. The text message also includes a current link to the forecast so you can see where the water level is expected to trend up to two weeks out.

Gauge Alerts Text Message Set Up

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Gauge Alerts provides river depth, lake depth, and water depth for other waterbodies across the United States. By receiving depth alert text notifications, you'll be able to monitor depths hourly providing you timely and reliable information on waterbody depth. We'll be adding more features in the future such as text notifications for flood status, text notifications based on preset triggers, advanced search features, and river flowage data.

Water depth monitoring is important to businesses, outdoor enthusiasts such as kayakers, and families living in areas where knowing the river depth can impact their lives. Gauge Alerts is a reliable hub where you will get an online waterbody depth data system in the USA. We are offering useful and trusted tools that help you keep the water level realiably sent to your phone via SMS or text. Water levels can impact the day to day lives of people and businesses. You can count on Gauge Alerts, as we are offering you a River depth Notifications System in the USA. We let you receive waterbody depth data conveniently on your phone now. With a wide range of gauges, you can choose the gauges that are right for you using our River depth Online System.

Gauge Alerts Locates the Gauge

Using Google Maps, Gauge Alerts provides a real time map of the location of the gauge you want to monitor.

Online River gauge System in USA

Gauge Alerts Provides Easy to Read Detailed Information

Gauge Alerts retrieves the most recent data points for the gauge and provides them in an easy to read format. The text alert you will recieve includes the Waterbody, Location, Observed Depth, Time (in your local Time Zone), and a link to the forecast graph.

Gauge Depth Data

Gauge Alerts Provides a Link to the Forecast

The National Weather Service provides forecasts for up to two weeks for the gauge. Gauge Alerts sends you a link to that forecast so you can be better prepared.

Gauge Depth Forecast Water Level