Select days and times to receive waterbody depth data directly to your phone via text

Select from thousands of gauges from across the country

Once you sign up, Gauge Alerts will automatically send you the information so you can focus on more important things

Easy Set Up

Once you sign up and register, you can select as many gauges as you like and indicate which days and times you want to receive notifications. We will automatically send you notifications at the times you selected! It's just that easy!

Great Price

This time saving, automated notification service only costs a few cents a day! Sign up now to lock in the low cost of $6 per month or $50 per year.

More Updates are on the Way!

We're working on adding more advanced and easier search features, notifications based on flooding alerts, and forecasts up to two weeks out!

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Gauge Alerts Provides Critical Gauge Depth Information

When you sign up for Gauge Alerts, you will have access to our water gauge depth text notification system. The gauges and their information are part of government monitoring systems from such agencies as the USGS and NWS. The Gauge Alert sent via text or SMS can alert you to water depths and provide a link to forecasted depths two weeks out.

Waterbody Depths Impact Lives

Some businesses need up to date river gauge depths and forecasts to plan their operations. Other people live near rivers that are prone to flooding. Having up to date data texted to your phone when you need it will help you be prepared. Flooding impacted 14 million people in 2019 and up to 200 million were at risk according to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy.


See How it Works

It's easy to set up an account and use our Online River Gauge System in the USA, find the you need to monitor, and start receiving automated notifications.

How it Works


Choose from almost 10,000 Gauges!

Monitoring a Water Gauge notification system in the USA, Gauge Alerts accesses data from waterbodies in all 50 states. Most observed depths are updated hourly.

Online River Gauge System SMS

Enter Up To 3 Phone Numbers to Recieve Notifications

You can set up Gauge Alerts to Send you SMS Notifications any Day of the Week and any Hour of the Day for any Monitored Gauge.

Water Gauge Text Alerts

Reliable Depth Alerts

Great for people or businesses that rely on regular gauge depth data. You have other things to do! Gauge Alerts offers a Water Gauge Text Alert Online System to send you automated depth data about the gauges you need to monitor.

Online Gauge Alert System

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